Tselanyane Attorneys Inc. is able to undertake litigious matters in all courts of the Republic. We are fully equipped to deal with general litigation matters, but focus on:





Advise on all aspects relating to employment law. 


Representation at various forums such as; 

Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration, Bargaining Council, Private arbitrations, Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court and Constitutional Court.  


Labour law litigations, including; 

  • Referrals. 

  • Reviews. 

  • Urgent Applications. 

  • Appeals.

  • Conducting and Representation of disciplinary hearings including chairing thereof. 

  • Presentation of various documents relating to employment law, such as;

  • Employment Contracts (including executive officers),

  • Disciplinary Codes

  • Retrenchment policies.

  • We draft and review Human Resource Policies, structures and strategies and provide relevant training.  

  • Recognition agreements between the union and management. 

  • Legal opinions (both written and verbal). 






Our firm is able to provide advisory services ( written or verbal)  on Pension funds in South Africa and the relevant legislation changes to the statutory governance requirements

  • Death benefits

  • Disability benefits

  • Withdrawal benefits

  • Transfer of benefits

  • Divorce benefits

  • The tripartite relationship, and the duties owed by the fund, the employer and the employee/member

  • The enforcement of s197 of the Labour Relations Act in relation to the occupational retirement funding rights and obligations of transferring employees

  • Discrimination and occupational retirement funding

  • The Office of the Pension Fund Adjudicator.

Our firm has the capacity to successfully handle litigious matters emanating from the above.







At Tselanyane Attorneys Inc. we can help your organisation with all aspects of its data protection compliance programme:


Training and Awareness


  • We can provide training and advisory services written or verbal by providing:

  • Basic awareness workshops for employees and management on how to implement the POPI ACT; and;

  • Advanced training for information officers or persons responsible for data protection.

  • Privacy policies

  • We can draft, review or supplement your existing set of policies and procedures dealing with data protection, such as a POPIA manual, contract management policy, cross-border data flow policy, etc.

  • We can also assist you in the implementation phase.




We are able to manage and successfully complete mandates pertaining to most common commercial and financial transactions.  


With our experience we are able to professionally advise and assist with: 

  • Negotiating, vetting and drafting of general and specialised commercial contracts; 

  • Drafting of wills and administration of estates 

  • Creation of trust  

  • All property related transactions and contracts. 




We offer training services on various aspects of the law to the Unions, Government departments, Private Sector Companies, Parastatals, Non-Governmental Organizations and Individuals, amongst others.  

Conducting training and/or briefing sessions on the new amendments to the Labour Relation Act 66 of 1995, Employment Equity Act (also assist in developing Equity Plans); Skills Development Act; Basic Conditions of Employment Act; Occupational Health and Safety Act etc. 

Internal disciplinary process and grievance procedures







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